* The NEW Cannonball CB-03 is a further development of the original.

* Like the CB-01, the CB-03 is also rechargeable. Do not think about battery replacement, the new CB-03 can also be "refueled" at the nearest electrical outlet.

* Like the CB-01, it also has a smart built-in support rod! With the support rod you can vary the inclination of your CB-03 in many different angles. When you are not using it, simply put it back in the base plate. There it is always at hand for the next time you need it.

* Long range. As always, Cannonball is far ahead of the copies in terms of range and transmission stability.

* Long battery life / No on / off switch! You do not have to remember to turn off the power consumption. It makes your Cannonball all by itself. If your CB-03 is launched, the power consumption stops automatically. The "auto off" system ensures you even longer battery life and saves you unnecessary walks to swich your machine off.

* Now with three balls. The balls are lauched one by one with the same remote control. You do not have to remember which button you last pressed. There is only ONE!

Price 469,- Euro incl. VAT, balls and remote control