* The NEW Cannonball CB-01 is black as night. The color, shape and small size make it easy to hide.

* Rechargeable. Do not think about battery replacement, the new CB-01 can be "refueled" at the nearest electrical outlet.

* Smart built-in support rod! With the support rod you can vary the inclination of your CB-01 in many different angles. When you are not using it, simply put it back in the base plate. There it is always at hand for the next time you need it.

* Long range. As always, Cannonball is far ahead of the copies in terms of range and transmission stability.

* Long battery life. As much as 1.8 amps ensures a long training session without interruption.

*No on / off switch! You do not have to remember to turn off the power consumption. It makes your Cannonball all by itself. If the CB-01 has launced, the power consumption stops automatically. The "auto off" system ensures you even longer battery life and saves you for unnecessary walks to swich your machine off.

Price 375,- Euro incl. VAT, ball and remote control